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Pandie Girl Pandie Girl 15 January 2019

Curious facts that you did not know about ''Bigcats.''

update 2019 of the mods Mo'creature.:

domestication of the BigCat:

Now you can throw raw beef, and not steak or pork, or do not eat it. 

Oh, you can give raw beef, without tossing it and dosing it.


available for the moment discovered by myself

Leopard + Tiger = Leoger.

Tiger + Lion or lioness =  Tigeon.

It is the size of a lion and with black tiger stripes, opaque stockings.

Upload a photo of this strange and recently discovered mating. 

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YabloVH YabloVH 21 September 2016

"Neurodiversity in Fandoms and Gaming"

I am currently the featured blogger (front page) on for the above title at posted at this address I've been especially impressed with the Mo' Creatures moderator team, and that kind of inspired me to write it.

Here is an exerpt-

"As I have lurked around in fandoms and now multiplayer game server, I am picking up that there are a lot of very different minds bumping around online. We hear of fandom wars and gamer hate, but that’s mostly just neurodiversity flame outs. I’ve developed a deep appreciation for moderators who are able to stay above it all and simply redirect to rules and back to fan sharing and game playing. One slow day I chatted with a super mod …

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Diszxchat Diszxchat 9 September 2016

My Zoo

This is my Mo Creatures zoo map (Right now it's work on development) and it may not look like a zoo at a moment but you will like it.

Reworking on a new Zoo!

First of all, my zoo entrance will be totally different! I want something different instead of the classic ones where the ticket counter is always in the front.

I decided to find it and found what I always looking for.

The zoo entrance is not done yet but I give a glimpse sneak peak of a gift shop. Please note that the gift shop will changed. Now, another sneak peak! (Look below)

As development progress, each concepts are released by texts.

  • 1 Zoo Entrance
    • 1.1 Concepts
    • 1.2 Gift Shop
      • 1.2.1 OLD VS NEW:
      • 1.2.2 Concepts

First, yet to be finished place. Originally, the zoo entrance is supposed to be somewha…

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Diszxchat Diszxchat 18 October 2015

My Mo creatures map(Plus other mods)


Please go to this page to check out my new map:

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Diszxchat Diszxchat 12 October 2015

NBTEdit: Make any mobs tamable

The blog you see is not 100% complete. 75% out of 100% is done.

  • 1 Further notes
  • 2 Links
  • 3 Credits
  • 4 List
    • 4.1 Big cats (old models)
    • 4.2 Jellyfish
    • 4.3 Bears
    • 4.4 Ostriches
    • 4.5 Dolphins
    • 4.6 Duck
    • 4.7 Horses
    • 4.8 Mole
    • 4.9 Rays
    • 4.10 Kitties
    • 4.11 Manticores
    • 4.12 Elephants / mammoths
    • 4.13 Wyverns
    • 4.14 Turkeys
    • 4.15 Goats
    • 4.16 Raccoons
    • 4.17 Deers
    • 4.18 Foxes
    • 4.19 Boars
    • 4.20 Sharks
    • 4.21 Mice
    • 4.22 Big cats (new models)
      • 4.22.1 Lions
      • 4.22.2 Tigers
      • 4.22.3 Panthers
      • 4.22.4 Leopards
    • 4.23 Hellrats
    • 4.24 Turtles
    • 4.25 Bunnies
    • 4.26 Ents
    • 4.27 Snakes
    • 4.28 Ogres
    • 4.29 Wolves
    • 4.30 Birds
    • 4.31 Wraiths
  • 5 How to get any tamed animals:
    • 5.1 Pet amulet/etc method:
    • 5.2 Without pet amulet method:
  • 6 Making untamable animals to tamable animals (Does not work on hostile mobs):
    • 6.1 With name tag method (cannot put in pet amulet) (some animals do not have the name tag a…

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Diszxchat Diszxchat 11 October 2015

Getting different types of jellyfish

Why can't jellyfish on the 2nd row, last three and on 4th row spawn? It has to be a bug or, nobody notices this bug at all. Possible spawning would be an ID which apparently I have no idea what the ID is for different types (or not because they all are same IDs).

Here's the image which I was talking about, shown to the right.

You can't get these types:

  • Light orange circle like a sun on top.
  • Yellow speckled and blue transparent.
  • White transparent.
  • Purple transparent.
  • Orange transparent.
  • Red transparent.
  • Blue transparent.

Sadly, you can't spawn them with the jellyfish spawn egg. It's like you will NEVER get all of the collection of jellyfish. D:

If there is a way, i would be glad or is because that the other jellyfish were not put in the spawn.

Go to th…

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Shagarath Shagarath 11 September 2015

My own mod

So.. I have started working on creating my own thing. It's highly influenced by Mo' Creatures as well as some of the suggestions that I have seen made to it, as well as Biomes O' Plenty and Twillight Forest. I have no plans about when it will be finished, or how big it will be, not even sure if it ever will be finished, but its still a fun little project to work on.

Here are the ideas that I have came up with so far: 

  • 1 Dimensions
    • 1.1 City
    • 1.2 Hell
    • 1.3 Forget the old, boring and easy Nether and say hello to the real Hell. Instead of the cave layout, this will be more based on the Extreme Hills biome, to make the areas more difficult to travel. Intead of the Nether where you can see just fine, even without torches, everything will be pitch black her…

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Shagarath Shagarath 26 July 2015

One Less Griefer

Just got this mail from the Wikia's staff team:


Thanks for contacting Wikia and letting us know about the troll on
Dr. Zhark Mobs Wiki. I have blocked him and reverted/deleted his remaining contributions.

If he returns in the future, you can report him to the Volunteer Spam Task Force ( ) for help with cleanup and blocking.

Hopefully there will be a little less spam/prevention work to do from now on.

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Shagarath Shagarath 23 July 2015

Cleaning up the wiki

As some of you might have noticed, I have begun cleaning up the wiki, by marking a lot of pages for deletion.

It might seem like some of those pages was filled with useful information, but I promiseI only remove pages that are eiter empty, contains irrelevant info, or have another page that is better than them already.

There are lots of pages on here (about 400 or more) containing nothing at all. and I intend to mark them all as what they are. Garbage.

I'm sorry if I make it difficult for some of you by removing the automatical redirections from empty pages, to filled ones, but then again, if they are to be deleted, it soon won't matter.

I know that doing this will make the whole wiki seem more messy for some time, but I hope that by deleting …

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AnonymousSorcerer AnonymousSorcerer 10 July 2015

My Mo' Creatures Zoo

This is my Mo' Creatures zoo. Below are pictures all of the animals/creatures I have in my zoo. This was done in 1.10.2 with the latest version of Mo' Creatures.

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HyperAnimal5812 HyperAnimal5812 6 July 2015


Hai guys! I'm HyperAnimal5812 and I want some help for my page I was wondering what I could do to make my page better then then other 100 pages on here comment ideas! --HyperAnimal581

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Plankton500 Plankton500 22 December 2014


Hellooo every1! my name is Plankton500 and i am a girl! I love minecraft and animals so why not take those 2 things and make mo creatures? yaaay! But i have a question sombody can answer me, why the HELL does the dragonfly sound like an airplane?!? 

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Conotheboss177 Conotheboss177 18 August 2014

Meh zoo

Hey guys conor here today I'm gunna tell you guys about a zoo I have been making we have a great variety of animals and I will put it up for download soon so stay tuned.

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Sandwiches1981 Sandwiches1981 25 June 2014


I am getting so tired, along with BearyfulFilly and others, I'm sure, of picking up the messes that other people leave on all of the pages. So far the BigCats page has been completely destroyed, the Horses page mauled, and a few immature visitors keep putting in bad words and innuendos. Seriously? There are people who actually use the wiki and they need info. Admins, you need to lock up the pages to prevent vandalism, or find out some way to filter changes.

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BearyfulFilly BearyfulFilly 15 June 2014


Gotta Love Them Wyverns,

I created my own personal Wyvern Lair(: They are in kind of like a giant tank now, Took awhile, but now they can walk around and fly freely without leads or always having to sit down! They are much Happier. I'm really looking forward to the other Wyverns not being glitched out for so many of us. I really would love to have the Arctic and Cave Wyverns!! As well as the Sea and mountain ones of course.... But It sucks that they aren't working right now.. at least for some of us! Don't know how many are also going through this? But me and some friends are! Where the Sea, Arctic, Cave, and mountain Wyvern eggs wont actually hatch, just act like they are then disappear! Hope Its just a glitch that can be fixed!

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BearyfulFilly BearyfulFilly 15 June 2014


I LOVE the Mo'Creatures with an ever growing passion, I have used other mods and such, and this one is by far my favorite one!!! but i do believe there are some things that could be fixed... or looked at.

Such as The Amulets glitching out sometimes, Dancing around everywhere!! They never face the right way and when the kitty jumps in it or i place food in it, the bed just spins, Quite annoying. Don't know if I'm the only person who feels that way... I feel like i have OCD or something lol...

AlsoFish Bowls... The Fact they don't place like blocks frustrates me!! I just want to put my beloved fish bowl, on my table...and i can't without it slightly being tilted or hanging off the edge.. *OCD kicking in* And i KNOW I'm not the only person who …

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Tomstar3 Tomstar3 30 May 2014

hi everyone

hi everyone i am a huge gaming fan

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Robbie roo Robbie roo 27 May 2014


ok so people need to know that i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE pandas i have two pandas in my zoo so far named Po and Pai (sadly if you put them together it sounds like poopy) but anyway i wanted to start this blog about my zoo! i have 38 horses 2 komodo dragons idk how many wvryens ummm one turtle two osriges and all but one of the big cats (wite tiger) i have all but the black fairy horse anf i still have yet to name all of em anyway you can talk to me about it on my talk page or this page and ill try to reply to all of em

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KillerKitty11 KillerKitty11 18 April 2014


I know I might seem nooby and all, but when I update it, you know take off the mod and put on the newer one, will all of my previous work dissapear?

KillerKitty11 (talk) 02:10, April 18, 2014 (UTC)KillerKitty11

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CandyGirl163 CandyGirl163 17 February 2014

Awesome server!

Hey guys, I am back to tell you about this really awesome server! Here is the ip: This server's name is called "CreatureCraft" These are a few screenshots I took of it. 

Hope you join this server!

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CandyGirl163 CandyGirl163 16 February 2014

Hello, Wiki!

Hi I am a new member of the Mo Creatures Wiki! I look forword to helping out, making posts, and other wiki stuff! I am a girl who enjoys the arts, obviously Minecraft, and other games. I hope you enjoy me! 

For your enjoyment: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

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Brucar220 Brucar220 31 January 2014

bug Reports

I have two things to say:

1st: I honestly prefere the old lead that wouldn´t break, because the vanilla one is really fragille and it´s impossible to bring horses up to the 150 layer

2nd: when you put down a kitty bed, it will crash the game and you will never be able to open the  map again.

Note: Im playing on Minecraft 1.7.2, Mo Creatures 6.2.0

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Wildwolves222 Wildwolves222 20 November 2013


hello welcome to my blog have fun and stay on minecraft! XD
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Grox998 Grox998 22 September 2013

Why wyverns are cool?

I belive wyverns are cool because you look like a boss when you fly with them.Post you beliefs why wyverns are cool or stupid in comments.

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Kitty Fang Kitty Fang 17 August 2013


I love searching through wikis and getting a chance to talk to everyone! Wikis are also a good place to look if you are having a hard time figuring things out. I am a great player of minecraft and I love searching around to find others to talk to. Here on this wiki you have a chance to meet awesome new friends!

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PCAwesomeness PCAwesomeness 14 August 2013

Redundant pages

I have to ask this question. Why is there so many redundant mob suggestion pages on this wiki? I'm getting really sick of them and getting really sick of making them candidates of deletion. I hope someone could explain to me about this.

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Victorlegolover Victorlegolover 2 May 2013


I want to have all the badges till 2015

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Shrugsandhugs Shrugsandhugs 30 December 2012

Welcome and Update

Welcome boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, to my very first (and probably incredibly boring) blog post! I've decided to write this post to inform you of the work I've been doing on the Mo' Creatures Wikia (and to earn a badge, but let's look over that for now...), since I've been doing a major overhaul in order to provide correct and updated information.

So, as of the 31st of December 2012 (just in time for New Years, hooray!) and the 4.4.0 Mo' Creatures update, I've added every single item added to the game by the Mo' Creatures Mod, given them their own page, and updated the information. Next I shall move on to the Mobs themselves and update all their information... phew, set myself a huge task eh?

I'm also rated #1…

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TerrariaKing TerrariaKing 19 November 2012

100 Photos

Hey all wiki users! I'm happy to say that the wiki has reached 100 photos! That's a big milestone for any wiki. The 100th photo award goes to: Yacma.Jpeg, submitted by myself! It was very hard to get this far, and I just want to say how grateful I am to have so many wikians on this wiki. Hope to see you around!


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Theprolo Theprolo 22 May 2012

What I'm gonna add next

Hi guys :D

my next steps in adding stuff to this wiki include:

  • A page for hellrats
  • More pictures for articles that have none
  • More obvious information for pages

Will hopefully do these within a week.

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Wariodemon Wariodemon 19 March 2012

Mo Creatures Updates

I think it updated to 1.2.3

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