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Hellrats are larger variants of rats that live in the Nether.



Hellrats spawn in groups of 4 in the Nether at any light level.


Hellrats are large rats covered in a dark red coat of fur. They share the same model as regular rats, but have animated fur, which is similar to that of a nightmare's coat. Since this fur helps the hellrat to blend in with the Nether's surroundings, it sometimes makes it hard to notice them.


Hellrats will drop 0-2 redstone upon death. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.


Hellrats wander around aimlessly in the Nether, making loud squeaks occasionally. They will notice the player from a 12-16 block radius, and give chase.

Like rats, hellrats are neutral in light levels of 9 or more, but will become hostile if the light level decreases, or if provoked. Also, since the Nether is rather dark, hellrats are almost always aggressive towards you, unless they are near lava or fire, which emit light levels of 15.




- Changed hellrat texture.


- Added hellrats: Hell rats are bigger and stronger, they only spawn in the Nether, due to their color, it is not easy to spot them in the Nether. They drop redstone.


  • Hellrats share the same Entity ID as rats.
  • Hellrats are unaffected by fire, unlike normal rats.
  • Prior to DEV v8.0.0, hellrats dropped 0-2 fire upon death.
  • Unlike rats, hellrats don't drop raw rat meat when killed.
  • They were added in the same version as rats.