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I am currently the featured blogger (front page) on for the above title at posted at this address I've been especially impressed with the Mo' Creatures moderator team, and that kind of inspired me to write it.

Here is an exerpt-

"As I have lurked around in fandoms and now multiplayer game server, I am picking up that there are a lot of very different minds bumping around online. We hear of fandom wars and gamer hate, but that’s mostly just neurodiversity flame outs. I’ve developed a deep appreciation for moderators who are able to stay above it all and simply redirect to rules and back to fan sharing and game playing. One slow day I chatted with a super mod about a game I’m on being a lifesaver through hard days, helping distract me away from anxiety, and he let me know the server was full of both physically and mentally handicapped players. I already knew from fandoms that some of the most wonderful commitment comes from people who dive into distraction, and we learn that helps us with the day by day real life survival stuff. Multiplayer gaming is even more eye-opening for me as I watch moderators redirect chat and interaction through what I now know are simply meltdowns. Creating playgrounds where volatile personalities learn to cooperate more than clash is very important to mental health, and as I’ve played along, I’ve been noticing improvements in myself."